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A Big Welcome to Doctor Lin Answers

Updated: Aug 7, 2021

What gets you up in the morning? Perhaps the screaming kids, or a shot of coffee. I've never been a morning person, but one of the biggest reasons I get up in the morning is because of you! My dear patients. Over breakfast, I would look at the list of patients booked in for the day and smile at the familiar names that I would later greet. It's like looking forward to seeing an old friend. "It's been a few weeks now, I wonder how so and so is doing…", my thoughts would roam as I finish my quick morning meal. It is this conviviality that brings me to general practice more than any other specialty. A long-term doctor patient relationship that has occasion to relish in the incidentals and looks forward to the next visit when our shared decisions have made a positive impact on patient outcomes and wellbeing.

As I reflect on this ever-evolving digital world, there are numerous opportunities to enhance this relationship further. In the initial stage of this website I hope to slowly build a selection of articles that supplement understanding of common topics encountered in general practice. Beyond that, there is potential for so much more. I am excited to greet you to my website, and I hope we will soon meet again in my office for that next catch up chat.

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