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Dr David Lin

What is your experience seeing a doctor?

More than merely controlling or overcoming disease, pursuing health should be a fulfilling journey marked by attaining holistic wellbeing for mind and body. Your health goals and your experience of healthcare matters.


The Family Doctor

The family doctor is a trustworthy companion who supports and cares for the patient through the highs and lows of life. I believe this bond between doctor and patient goes much further than superficially identifying and fixing medical issues. Every interaction is an opportunity for further understanding, discussion, negotiation and joint decision.

By providing patients with thorough understanding about their conditions and discussing detailed management options, I invite patients into each decision. During these consultations, patients are constantly empowered by knowledge and encouraged to strengthen their resolve for pursuing health.

I am a fully qualified general practitioner with fellowship recognition, based in Sydney's upper North Shore. My hope is to provide you and your family with empathetic, informative and high-quality care. While we are all at different stages in our health journey, I aim to promote your curiosity, provide resources and offer motivation towards the joy of healthy living.

Starting Your Journey towards Health

Evidence-Based Approach
Individualised and compassionate care
Understanding your body and health conditions
Develop your health literacy and goals

Get in Touch

Dr David Lin practices at Summers Avenue Family Medical Practice in Mount Colah.

He works from Monday to Friday and every third Saturday.

523 Pacific Highway

Mount Colah, NSW 2079

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